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**Please Note Changes as of 12.3.12

Important Dates:

Friday, November 30th- Band Tryouts

Monday, December 3rd- Vocal Tryouts

**Wednesday, December 5th- Vocal Callback Round 1

**Thursday, December 6th- Vocal/Band Callback Round 2


Download the Tryout Songs HERE.* 

Download Audition Sheet Sheet HERE

Download the Flyer HERE.

NOTE - Girls only have to sing 00:40-1:45 of "The Trees" for the audition as well as callbacks.



You MUST print, fill out and bring the audition sheet with you to tryouts!

*Reminder-All musicians will be judged solely on their performance during tryouts.  Past performance will NOT be taken into account.  If you have been in Illusion previously, this will have no bearing on your outcome this year. 

*The Karaoke Versions of the tryout songs will be used only for vocal reference.  DO NOT use them for band/musical reference!