Official Illusion 2013 Line-up Click HERE.



-Updated 12.5.12-

Please Note The Following Changes-

Band Callbacks-Thursday, December 6th, 3:00pm.  All songs remain the same.

Vocal Callbacks-Wednesday, December 5th, 3:00pm.


Vocalists must come prepared to sing a verse and chorus of a song of their choice.  You must provide a recording of the song (iPhone/iPod).

Choose a song that highlights your voice and that you would want to perform in the show.



Everyone will play "Dreamline" By Rush off the Different Stages album (Entire song)  and 

"The Trees" by Rush off the Hemispheres album from the beginning (00:00) to 2:18.

Keyboards Must also learn "Subdivisions" by Rush off the Signals album from the beginning (00:00) to 2:40.


Download Songs HERE.


Vocals (Updated 12.5.12)

Vocalists will sing their respective songs (Dreamline and Trees) along with the band. 

Vocalists may also be asked to sing another song of their choice (different from their first callback song) 

so please be prepared and bring one with you.



Juju Bastone

Erica Quaedvlieg

Samantha Calderon

Amanda Bohlmann

Nicole Giambastioni

Olivia Dean

Erin Geary

Britney DiTocco

Alexa Giha



Jake Stam

Greg Vance






Greg Tock

Matt Montgomery

Anthony Campanella

Tom Hoover

Tori Macchi



Jake Stam

Rob Castriota

 Brendan Vreeland



Kevin Dubois

Jack Madden

Jamie Dolan

Mike Frankfurter

Mike Spano



Alanna Belkevich

Mikela Dibello

Nick Russo

Tori Turqman